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Excel Training

Introduction to Intermediate

Designed for Excel beginners you will learn: time saving techniques to navigate, create new models, create basic formulas (Sum, Average, Count, SumIfs, Vlookup), format and print data, make charts and use Excel’s database features. Learn More...

Intermediate to Advanced

Our Intermediate-Advanced Microsoft Excel training covers advanced formulas and functions (Vlookup, Index/Match, If/Then, arrays, formula auditing techniques), what-if data-analysis techniques with PivotTables, database validation with extract uniques, and introduction to macros. Learn More...


VBA Programming

Excel VBA training teaches the strengths and weaknesses of recording macros, how to use and pass variables, if/then statements and loops like for/next and do/while. Learn how to call functions, how to write your own functions, object variables, and object oriented programming. Learn More...

Learn Excel Online

Our exclusive online class teaches Excel A-Z over 15 days for two hours per day. This course is geared toward those inclined to enroll in a Microsoft Excel bootcamp to pass the Excel certification exam. Learn More...

Excel Corporate Group Training

One our our most popular options is corporate group training. We offer private classes for groups of 5-15 people. We can split classes across two half days for better retention, and we can cater the topics and timing to features you would like your group to focus on. Learn More...

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